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So you find that you need to encrypt data moving between two applications. One is on operating system A using language X, the other on operating system B using language Y. You've got three choices. First, you can brew some coffee and sacrifice a substantial portion of your life on the altar of the encryption gods. Second, you can quit and find a job that won't have you crying in the fetal position under your desk.

Third, you can buy a license for Chilkat, get it installed and wired in, drop your keyboard like a boss and leave work early.

Having attempted the first option and found myself ready to execute the second option, finding the third option was such a relief. I was trying to get an encryption library made for Delphi to talk to Java's encryption libraries with absolutely no success. Everyone wants to approach encryption differently, and getting different libraries in different languages running on different operating systems to cooperate will give you a serious headache.

Running endless searches on the web for a solution, I happened across the Chilkat Software site. I gave it a try, and I haven't looked back. The biggest selling point to this software is that it's the same company making the same library for so many different environments. The method calls are as identical as they can be across languages, and what you put in on one side is exactly what you get out on the other side when using the same object property values. In other words, it just works, and what higher compliment is there for software?

Highly recommended.

Todd Grigsby